Competitor Analysis

As with any company, you need to be aware of who your current and potential competitors are. Using our wealth of knowledge of online business and website optimisation we can analyse your competitors website. For example we could look at what keywords they are optimising their websites for, giving you a good idea of how competitive each keyword is and how it is used.

Analyse the Competition

We can also look at where their websites are linked from and where they get their traffic from, to show you how it is achieved. Another thing we can do is estimate their traffic from the search engines, from their website ranking amongst others in the search engine listings. Plus we can look at their paid listings (if they have any) and estimate how much they spend, to give you an idea of how much it might cost, depending on what result you’re after.

All the information above can help you beat the competition. We’re not saying go and copy your competitors, but to analyse and compare their website strategy, management and marketing to inspire you to do better, much better. By using competitor analysis you can create opportunities and plan strategies to stand out against competitors, and also to identify the threats,  to get your website ahead.

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